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Adding another dimension to the many services we bring to our artists, we are to open our Art Shop very soon.  

To find your best products, visit our shop, and enjoy an array of items from oils and acrylics, mediums and varnishes, brushes and charcoal .... and don't forget, your custom made artisan canvases.

Ranges of paints include:

*  Winsor & Newton - Galeria Acrylics and Winton Oils

*  Lukas - Oils and Acrylics

*  Golden - Heavy Body and Open Acrylics

*  Zellen - Zelcol and Zelcryl

*  Schubart - Student and Artist Acrylics

* Daler Rowney - Georgian Oils and Cryla Acrylics

*  Granny B's Chalk Paint

Create your wish list of items for us to get on your behalf, if you don't find them in the shop.

Artisan Canvases available in ALL sizes, stretched onto imported European Spruce, cut to 28mm or 40mm depths.  Primed to your speficiations - regular, smooth and super smooth.

For the discerning artist requiring an ultra smooth canvas for super real detail, try our "Slate" canvas - used by a number of artists for the superior smooth finish, this archival canvas offers everything you might need.