Our Story

Artland is about fine art photography! Our timeless quality images are produced by recognised and hugely talented photographers, sharing their amazing images with us. Since we first opened our doors to the public we have remained focused on our market and on what we do best - Professional Giclee Printing! In fact, we pride ourselves on the fact that we exhibit the same passion for the images, the curiosity for that unique perspective in the exquisite content. All of this we share with you!

Artland is also about Artists! We create the foundations for their inspiration - first rate artisan prime Art Canvases, stretched onto imported European Spruce wood frames and primed to professional standards. The wood arrives kiln dried and fumigated leaving it borer beetle (and other types) free.

Now available is the unique Artland "Slate" Artisan Canvas - finished to super smooth requirements for hyper real or super fine painting technique.

Artland is about Printing Solutions onto Canvas or Paper, Framing and presenting concepts and creative and professional support.

Artland is about Art Supplies - superior quality oils and acrylics, brushes, charcoal, varnishes and mediums. When you pop in to collect your custom-made artisan canvases, stock up on your favourite paints so you always have supplies when inspiration hits!

Artland is about Logistics - when you have art to be moved from place A to place B, trusting that your art is being cared for like your own, Art Van Go is your art logistic solution! Prior to shipping, Artland offers a Fumigation service onsite with a certificate valid for 21 days.

Our qualified and enthusiastic team at Artland is committed to assisting you in all aspects of your imagery requirements.

All work is performed ON SITE! No aspect of your framing or printing is outsourced.
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