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Clairefontaine Pastelmat Pastel Paper
Clairefontaine Pastelmat Pastel Paper
Clairefontaine Pastelmat Pastel Paper
Clairefontaine Pastelmat Pastel Paper

Clairefontaine Pastelmat Pastel Paper

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Pastelmat® offers pastel artists new opportunities with a unique surface that grabs pastels more effectively than Ingres papers but is less abrasive then sanded papers. Pastelmat® pads have glassine sheet protectors between each page.

  • Organic Velvety Surface: Pastelmat® is a truly unique product with a strong, velvety surface that has more tooth than traditional Ingres papers but without the abrasive qualities of sanded papers. Pastelmat®'s organic surface and powerful texture are derived from cellulose plant fibers. In comparison, sanded pastel papers, like all industrial sandpapers, are made with aluminum oxide and other chemicals to create their gritty surface.
  • Vibrant Color: Pastelmat®'s texture grabs onto the pastel, breaking up the pigment and pulls it deep into the surface for exceptionally vibrant color.
  • "Painting with Pastel": Pastelmat® has a unique interaction with pastels, allowing the artist to create painterly effects with soft, buttery marks.
  • Blending: Pastelmat® offers remarkable control, allowing for effortless, precision blending of pigments.
  • Layering: Supports building up multiple layers of pigment to control color tone and intensity.
  • No Pastel Dust: The extreme abrasiveness of sanded papers generates large amounts of dust. Inhaled or absorbed over a long period, this can cause serious health problems. Pastelists are therefore are recommended to wear masks and to work over a tray to catch dust, minimizing the amount of dust that gets on clothing, on the floor, or gets blown through the house by the heating or A/C system. In comparison, Pastelmat ®'s velvety surface produces relatively little dust so that such precautions are not necessary.
  • Erasability: Pastel can be easily and completely erased with the use of melamine foam foam sponges (such as Mr. Clean® Magic Erasers® or by spraying compressed air to remove the pastel. Although both tools remove pigment, pastels will nevertheless remain stable under normal conditions and do require the application of fixatives.
  • Fine- line Artwork: Unlike grittier sanded papers, Pastelmat®'s velvety surface is suitable for fine line artwork.
  • Lower Consumption Rate of Costly Pastels: Pastelmat®'s surface consumes pastel sticks at a 30% slower rate than sanded papers.
  • Fingertip Scraping: Fingertip blending on sanded papers is rough on artists' skin. Pastelmat ®'s velvety surface is gentle.
  • Foam & Sponge Applicators: Pastelmat® supports the use of foam and sponge applicators of applying pigment, blocking areas of color, layering and underpainting.
  • Non-toxic Surface: Pastelmat®'s non-toxic surface is created with natural cellulose particles. In comparison, sanded papers are adapted from materials designed for industrial use. The grit on the surface of sanded papers is produced by the application of aluminum oxide, a skin irritant with a questionable safety record.
  • Washes: Holds up to water or solvent-based washes. This allows pastelists to create underpaintings with solutions of denatured alcohol or other solvents and to build layers on top.
  • No need for fixatives: Because Pastelmat®'s surface pulls and holds pigment so deeply, fixatives are not needed to keep the color stable.
  • Mixed Media Surface: Pastelmat®'s is so versatile that, in addition to pastel and pastel pencils, it will support most dry and wet media including: oil pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, acrylics, watercolors and gouache.
  • Supports All Pastel Types: Pastelmat® supports the application of soft, medium and hard pastels, Cray-Pas® and other oil pastels, PanPastel® colors as well as pastel pencils.
  • Acid-free / Neutral pH
  • Glassine Sheets: Pastlemat® pads are bound with glassine barrier sheets between each page to prevent smudging.