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Daler Rowney Adigraf Acrylic Block Printing Medium 250ml

Daler Rowney Adigraf Acrylic Block Printing Medium 250ml

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Adigraf Acrylic Block Printing Medium turns acrylic paint into block and lino printing ink. Acrylic Block Printing Medium is designed to be mixed with System3 paints on 1.5 parts medium to 1 part paint ratio. We do not advise mixing this medium with Adigraf Water Soluble Inks.

Daler-Rowney Adigraf Block Printing Mediums are the perfect complement to the block printing range. The mediums are designed to help with your block printing needs.

  • Can be used to reduce drying time.
  • Can be used to allow our Georgian Oil and System3 Acrylic ranges to be used for block printing.
  • Retains the naturally bright and vibrant inks colour.


Wide Range of Surfaces

Paper: For best results, we are recommending printing on paper above 250gms with high absorbency and a smooth finish to get the best outcome for your design.

Textile: You can print on natural textiles such as cotton, linen hemp or bamboo, however, you are not able to wash the achieved result due to the colours fading with washing. Before printing your design always make sure to test the colour on a small bit of the material to make sure you are happy with the result.

Canvas: To receive a better result while printing on canvas, we recommend using our FW Mixed Media Canvases with a rigid cardboard backing to achieve a better registration and a clear print result. If you print on traditional canvas, make sure to stretch the canvas with the supplied wedges and underlay it further to achieve the best print results.

Others: You can print on wood, brick or walls using the green printing plates, however, we are recommending testing this on a small scale before to guarantee that you are happy with the result. Both Adigraf Oil and Water Soluble Block Printing Inks are recommended for indoor usage only.