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GOLDEN Silverpoint Drawing Ground 236ml

GOLDEN Silverpoint Drawing Ground 236ml

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GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is formulated with 100% acrylic polymer emulsion. It is a low viscosity fluid that contains high levels of titanium dioxide and prepares surfaces to readily accept marks from a metal stylus.

GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is designed for thin applications only. When applied too thickly the film may crack upon curing. A single thin coat is typically sufficient.

It can be brush or spray applied to paper, primed canvas, wood or any surface that will accept a water-based coating. The most common substrate for metal point drawing is heavy weight hot pressed watercolor paper.

Note: Because lower weight papers are susceptible to buckling from the moisture in the Silverpoint / Drawing Ground, some artists may find taping the edges down will help prevent extensive warping.

Brush Application
  • Shake container thoroughly before use as the thin viscosity and high pigment load is prone to settling
  • Open jar and allow to sit for a minute or two to allow some foam to dissipate.
  • Pour the quantity needed to coat substrate into a wide flat dish slightly larger than the brush to be used.
  • With a soft brush apply Silverpoint / Drawing Ground in even strokes, working from one side to the other and keeping a wet edge
  • Brush back over any area where foam is evident in order to dissipate remaining bubbles.
  • Allow to cure 24 hours
Spray Application

No additional thinning is necessary and most spray equipment can be used


Silverpoint / Drawing Ground can generally be tinted with a maximum of 15% GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics without negatively affecting its performance. While the Fluid Acrylics have a thicker consistency than the Silverpoint / Drawing Ground, small additions will only slightly alter the viscosity and should not affect either its leveling or brush application. Alternatively, GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics can also be used up to the same 15% maximum; as these products are closest in viscosity to the Ground, there should not be a noticeable change in thickness.