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Granny B pro series Block & Tackle multi-purpose primer 1L

Granny B pro series Block & Tackle multi-purpose primer 1L

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Block & Tackle – Stain Blocking Primer

Block & Tackle is a water based primer, which will not only allow you to tackle just about any surface, it will block at least 95% of the substances that are prone to cause wood bleed.

Block & Tackle can be used on painted and unpainted wooden surfaces, glass, ceramic, tiles, steel, plastic , as well as metal surfaces.

It is particularly favoured by furniture artists who paint classic and antique items which have been subject to years of oiling, waxing and polishing.

This product is compatible Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint and most quality chalkpaints and water-based paint products.

Apply to well cleaned surface, free from dirt, oil or solvents as far as possible.

When applying directly to freshly prepared and sanded wooden surface; ensure
that the surface is even and dust free.

Spread rate of this product is between 10sqm and 12sqm; dependent on surface
and paint technique.


Clean the surface well using sugar soap, or lacquer thinners. For highly glossed areas, clean with the aid of a scouring pad or lightly sand prior to cleaning.

As a primer:

Apply 2 coats, one hour apart.  Once you have applied your second coat, and it has dried for a further 4 hours, you can go ahead and paint as needed.

NB: for glass, glazed ceramics and porcelain we recommend additional drying time.

As a stain-block:

Apply 3 coats of Block & Tackle an hour between coats. Allow the final coat to cure for a minimum of 72 hours. Once cured, Block & Tackle will inhibit over 95% of the stains or ‘wood bleed’ typically encountered when painting older, stained, oiled or varnished items.

 Should some bleeding occur after painting or sealing, simply sand off the upper layers of the affected areas only with a light sanding technique, apply 2 more coats of Block & Tackle, and allow 24 to 48 hours to cure (depending on the intensity of the bleeding). Repaint and seal the affected area as needed.

Block & Tackle can be applied with brush, sprayed or using a foam roller.

To clean your equipment simply use a mild solution of soap and water.