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The Hangwizz disc is a first of its kind and was developed over a period of two years. It is a unique and innovative design, the idea of which was born out of an annoying, common problem when hanging pictures. No matter how carefully one measures, more often than not, the pictures do not line up exactly as intended, resulting in you having to knock another nail into your freshly painted wall!

Hangwizz offers an easy and quick solution, while using the existing nail, it can adjust a picture in both an upward or downward direction for a combined adjustment of over 5 cm. You could think of it as fine tuning the height.

Hangwizz is especially useful when hanging pictures on dry walling, as once you insert the mounting plug in the incorrect position in a drywall, you cannot insert a second mounting plug in close proximity as this would create a big hole which would need to be professionally repaired.